I am an aspiring content creator, fashion analyst and trend forecaster, passionate about addressing and tackling ethical and environmental issues within the fashion industry and interested in pursuing a career that allows me to work to achieve change for the better. I am inspired by emerging trends, creative collaboration and the future of the industry and aim to create work that initiates compelling conversations into the theme of fashion identity in captivating and contemporary ways.


Dedicated to executing each project from concept creation to completion at the highest standard, I enjoy networking and collaborating with creatives and strive to represent a wide range of influences within my work. I am confident in my abilities in social media management; concept creation; styling; research and analytics; marketing and business theory, and specialist, professional writing. I am adept at adapting and structuring documents and reports using digital tools such as Photoshop, InDesign and the Microsoft Suite for an array of outcomes that include publications, websites, campaigns, blogs and reports. I have a real passion for history and culture and enjoy exploring these themes within my creative work. Through written critical analyses, internships and other personal projects, I have been able to build a body of work that delves into how societal factors play an important role in the fashion industry and have begun to unpick the necessity for change and improvements. 

Image: @maddybrownph


Paige Tassadit Agguini


Norwich & Essex


Email: pagguini@gmail.com  

 Tel. 07963558474

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